Latex Technology

HEVEA BRASILLIENSIS more commonly know as the rubber tree, is the most economically important member of the Hevea family, as the milky latex extracted from the tree is the primary source of natural latex. Harvesters make incisions across the latex vessels, just deep enough to tap the vessels without impairing the tree’s growth. They then collect the latex in small buckets. This process is know as rubber tapping.


NATURAL LATEX - which is the juice of the tropical rubber tree, is a natural and inexhaustible raw material. The rubber trees planted across the world neutralize over 90 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. In fact, a forest with rubber trees has the same air-purifying characteristics as a tropical rain forest. Latex exclusively uses natural latex derived from ISO-certificated plantations (ISO14001) than meet stringent quality standards

ALUMINIUM MATTRESS MOULD - Aluminium Mattress Mould - the liquid latex is poured into aluminum moulds, which contain a large number of pins. While the moulds determine the shape of the final product, the diameter and pattern of the pins help shape the comfort zones of the mattress. Moreover, when the mould is heated to vulcanize the latex, the pins help transfer the heat evenly to all areas of the core.

Features & Benefits

Latex has a distinctive resilient and durable feel. Its natural elasticity means it recovers its shape immediately when pressure is removed providing natural bounce. Natural Latex is firmer than memory foam.
The support provided by latex reduces stress on the body’s pressure points and relieves aches and pains, preventing excessive tossing and turning and provides a more restful sleep. The latex materials excellent point elasticity ensures that the mattress adapt perfectly to the sleeper’s body contours, which ensures correct position of the spinal column in every sleeping position.
Memory foam or latex allows the body to be supported correctly and this encourages natural blood circulation.
Latex foam has an open cell structure made of millions of tiny interconnecting microscopic air bubbles. More than ensuring a very flexible mattress, this also promotes constant air circulation. Natural movement during the night’s sleep helps ventilate the mattress.
Latex Mattress is noiseless, people who sleep on a latex mattress enjoy a revitalizing sleep without creaking, squeking or spring like noises.

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