Contour Pro

    PLUSH CUSHION FIRM - Cushion ultra firm mattress is the perfect mattress for supreme comfort. Although this mattresses offers maximum cushioning, they are still manufactured with a strong, supportive interior core of pocket spring mattress.

  • Features

    • 5cm diameter, 1.6/1.8/2.0mm thickness and 18cm height Springs.
    • No Zone Pocket Spring System
    • Quilted with 2cm Resilient (PU) Foam and 2CM hollow fibre.
    • Organic Cotton Fabric
    • Edge Guard
    Ensures maximum flexibility and responsiveness to the contouring shape of your body while you sleep reducing tossing and turning. It gives proper back support and alignment with individual 0-ZONED POCKET SPRING system support, and minimizes impact from partner movement guaranteeing motion isolation.
    To promote a comfortable sleeping temperature, we have carefully selected organic cotton fabrics for the mattress. Organic Cotton fabric is designed to enhance both airflow and moisture reduction at the sleep surface.
    The mattress edge is reinforced with PU Foam edges that increase the mattress area used and maintain the mattress shape through its life. Due to increased surface area, the edge guard ensures that one is able to utilize the entire mattress without falling off from the edge.
    This mattress has the extra bonus that it is easy care. Upholstered with foam and fibres with consistent densities that reduce settlement means they do not need to be flip over. Although, regular rotation is recommended to prolong the life of the mattress.
3ft x 6ft 3inch: 90cm x 190cm 3ft x 6ft 7inch: 90cm x 200cm
3.5ft x 6ft 3inch: 107cm x 190cm 3.5ft x 6ft 7inch: 107cm x 200cm
4ft x 6ft 3inch: 122cm x 190cm / 120 x 190cm 4ft x 6ft 7inch: 122cm x 200cm / 120 x 200cm
4.5ft x 6ft 3inch: 137cm x 190cm 4.5ft x 6ft 7inch: 137cm x 200cm
5ft x 6ft 3inch: 152cm x 190cm / 150cm x 190cm 5ft x 6ft 7inch: 152cm x 200cm / 150cm x 200cm
6ft x 6ft 3inch: 183cm x 190cm / 180cm x 190cm 6ft x 6ft 7inch: 183cm x 200cm / 180cm x 200cm

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